Services Achieving the impossible

Unevis provides services for the entire process of digital transformation: from innovation & strategy, to customer experience, marketing & AI, to commerce and technology solutions, to building sophisticated and effective digital tools. We are digital enablers!


Innovation & Strategy If it´s thinkable, it´s possible.

We offer assistance to achieve measurable and sustainable success. As initiators, digital experts, and transformation partners we operate with an outstanding, highly specialized core team. Our unconventional mindset and years of experience of living on the bleeding edge of technology have helped our clients to achieve paramount results – usually in a timeframe others considered to be impossible.

We are happy to accompany you on your journey from a disruptive new idea to its architecture and on from there through every step of its technical implementation and maintenance.

Data & Artificial Intelligence Automate the boring bits.

We help you collect and intelligently process the right data at the right time to forecast services and offers – and to make data-driven decisions.

We start off by looking at your business, its needs, and established processes. Where do you need or want to optimize? What’s behind your wish for automation? We identify automation use-cases and explore opportunities – e.g. the use of Big Data and 3D CAD Data with Artificial Intelligence. With our know-how in machine and deep learning, we develop the most efficient tools for the job. 

Step by step, together with you, we then integrate these tools – so you can focus on the essential part of your business again. Just let machines do the dull parts. 


Technology Solutions New Grounds? Let’s break them.

Using proven technology in a new way – that’s what innovation often boils down to. Yet we don’t shy away from developing solutions no one thought of before.

In times of rapid change, a static inflexible system will probably not cope with your business needs. Successful solutions have to be developed, questioned, and modified regularly. To us, flexibility is the core of future-proof concepts and revision the only constant.

Unevis develops cutting-edge software perfectly tailored to your individual business needs. We integrate those solutions seamlessly into an effective IT architecture as well as in any cloud solution.

Staff Leasing Yes, we’re Network Nerds!

If you’re having a hard time finding qualified people for your project or if your project only needs staff for a limited time, we love to assist you with interim experts.

Our quality network and our experience (especially in the real-time industry) allow us to find exactly the expertise you are looking for:

•Realtime Developers for Unity & Unreal
•Realtime Artists for Unity & Unreal
•Big Data / AI Developers
•UX/UI Designers.

Let us enable you to do even more amazing things! 

If you find yourself asking if there is a better way – there definitely is! Get in touch with us and let’s explore together the how.