About Us Unsere Geschichte

Founded in 2020 in Hamburg – Germany, Unevis assembles a team with 20 years of experience in industries as diverse as Visual Effects, Automotive, Aviation, Advertisement, and Gaming.

Asked why the founders started an Innovation Agency they simply reply:

Innovation das einzige gut auf der Welt von dem man nie genug haben kann. Echte innovation ist immer rar!


Unsere Vision

Where others see misfits, rebels, and troublemakers we see the ones who look at things differently. Innovation isn’t born of following rules and preserving the status quo. It’s about exploring, paving new paths, and yes – sometimes even breaking things that need to be broken. We don’t gently disrupt, we vigorously destroy to introduce our clients to new paths. That’s what creative destruction is all about: Creating space for something fresher, livelier, and in every way better. Where some may see risks, we see opportunity and the future.

Our Rebels Keiner von uns ist so schlau wie wir alle zusammen

Managing Director  Innovation Manager

Pierre Grage

Managing Director
Innovation Manager
Software Architect

Simon Nguyen

Software Architect
Realtime Artist


Realtime Artist
Managing Director  Tech. Project Manager

Mirko Hänßgen

Managing Director
Tech. Project Manager
Software Developer

Paco Stabel

Software Developer
Developer? Artist?  Both?


Developer? Artist?
Investor Business Developer

Stephen Dürr

Business Developer
Realtime Operator

Verena Boeck

Realtime Operator


Werde ein Rebell!

If what you have read strikes a chord with you please send us your resume. We are always looking for great people with Coding, AI, Unreal and 3D experience.